Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Elizabeth be my photographer? Yes, Elizabeth is the only photographer at Artistic Images. unless a major illness or inury happens, Elizabeth will be the one photographing your wedding.

2. Can we upgrade to a larger album after the wedding? Yes, of course! You may always upgrade, however, you will not be able to downgrade from the collection of your choosing.

3. WHY DO MOST BRIDES CHOOSE THE “ELIZABETH’S CHOICE” ALBUM DESIGN? It is our experience that brides get busy after their wedding and have a rough time committing the time it takes to select their images. Our brides trust Elizabeth and her team to create an album that will not only tell the story but will be done in a timely manner. Most brides love the album as we have designed it and love the option to make any desired changes.

4. MUST I DO AN ENGAGEMENT OR BRIDAL SESSION? No, you do not have to do either or both sessions. The engagement session is complimentary with all our Wedding Collections but there is no monetary value if it goes unused.

5. WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY DIGITAL FILES? Digital files will be delivered upon delivery of your album. All images that were used in your album will be retouched as they look in the album. All other images will be proof quality. You will share copyright with Artistic Images and may print any image up to approximately an 8x10 size.

6. CAN I ADD HOURS TO MY WEDDING COVERAGE? Of course! You can add 1 or more hours at a rate of $200 per hour before or even during your wedding

7. DO YOU HAVE AN ASSISTANT? Yes, there will always be at least one person assisting me.

8. HOW LONG UNTIL I WILL BE ABLE TO VIEW MY WEDDING IMAGES? We always strive to get the images ready for viewing as soon as possible. That can range from 2-4 weeks depending on the time of year.

9. HOW EARLY BEFORE THE WEDDING DO YOU START TAKING PORTRAITS? Although each wedding is completely customized to your needs, typically we start 2-3 hours prior to the wedding doing the portraits. All of this will be discussed in detail when we get to know the specifics of your wedding and reception.

10. DO YOU HAVE ANY CERTIFICATIONS OR ACCREDITATIONS? Yes! I am a Certified Professional Photographer, Master Photographer and a Photographic Craftsman. These are all awarded by the professional photographers of America. Only 1% of professional photographers have these degrees and are very hard to attain. In addition to these degrees, I am a highly sought after international photographic instructor.